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Warning : This accessory has not been accredited or approved in any way. Furthermore, it is not a medical accessory, nor a piece of equipment for personal protection. The accessory is not intended for use by the medical work force in contact with patients.It is not recommended to use the accessory while practicing a sport.

The accessory does not protect the user. Without giving any garanty to that effect, it is possible that the use of the accessory can prevent that a user infected transmits a virus but the use of the accessory must be accompanied by other mesures of protection as for instance, to follow strict mesures of hiegene and physical distance. Keep in mind that any person infected by a virus must stay at home.

It is recommended that the accessory be wear only for a short period and it must be changed as soon as it this stained, humid or damaged.

Maintenance : It is not recommended to wash the accessory in a washing machine. The accessory must be hand washed daily with warm water, after every use, with your usuel detergent. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Afterward, you can dry the accessory in a tumble dryer machine at low dry or simply air dry. It is important to use the accessory only when it is dry and wash your hand before putting-on the accessory.